PD&E TIMETABLE #68 - Sunday November 11th, 1896*


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51 Second TH&I Through Freight #88 IC Jct1 01:10A Hervey City 01:35A Except Monday
33 Second Fast Freight Mattoon 04:30A Evansville 12:25P Except Monday
9 Second TH&I Freight #84 I.C. Jct1 06:25A Hervey City 07:10A Except Sunday
15 Second Way Freight Mattoon 06:00A Evansville 08:20P Except Sunday
13 Second Through Freight Peoria 07:00P Mattoon 03:50A Except Sunday
11 Second Way Freight Peoria 05:00A Mattoon 07:25P Except Sunday
7 First TH&I Pass. #6 I.C. Jct1 06:21P Hervey City 06:39P

Except Sunday

37 First Passenger Mattoon 05:30A Evansville 10:50A Sunday Only
5 First TH&I Pass. #20 I.C. Jct1 08:49A Hervey City 09:03A

Except Sunday

27 First Chicago Division Local Freight West Liberty 05:00P Olney 05:30P Except Sunday
41 First Passenger Peoria 08:00A Evansville 06:50P Sunday Only
3 First Evansville & Nashville Express Peoria 07:05P Evansville 09:00A


1 First Evansville Mail Peoria 07:20A Evansville 06:15P

Except Sunday

2 First Peoria & Pekin Mail Evansville 07:20A Peoria 05:50P

Except Sunday

4 First Peoria & Northwestern Express Evansville 05:25P Peoria 09:45A

Except Sunday

36 First Passenger Mattoon 05:30A Peoria 10:35A Sunday Only
40 First Passenger Evansville 07:50A Peoria 06:35P Sunday Only
6 First TH&I Pass. #7 Hervey City 09:18A I.C. Jct1 09:37A

Except Sunday

8 First TH&I Pass. #21 Hervey City 06:16P I.C. Jct1 06:35P

Except Sunday

28 First Chicago Division Local Freight Olney 06:20A West Liberty 07:00A Except Sunday
12 Second Through Freight Mattoon 05:30A Peoria 03:25P Except Monday
10 Second Way Freight Mattoon 05:40A Peoria 06:35P Except Sunday
16 Second TH&I Freight #83 Hervey City 04:10P I.C. Jct1 04:50P Except Sunday
14 Second Way Freight Evansville 06:00A Mattoon 07:30P Except Sunday
50 Second TH&I Through Freight #87 Hervey City 12:01A I.C. Jct1 12:25A Except Monday
32 Second Fast Freight Evansville 07:00P Mattoon 02:40A Except Monday

Note 1

Do not confuse this I.C. Junction with the one in Pekin.  This is actually Decatur Junction.

  *Odd numbered trains are denoted as southbound
29 N/A Accommodation New Harmony 05:15P Stewartsville 05:40P Sunday Only
23 N/A Accommodation New Harmony 08:15P Stewartsville 08:40P Sunday Only
21 N/A Accommodation New Harmony 04:40P Stewartsville 05:05P Sunday Only
19 N/A Accommodation New Harmony 10:15A Stewartsville 10:40A Except Sunday and Monday
17 N/A Accommodation New Harmony 07:20A Stewartsville 07:45A Except Sunday
18 N/A Accommodation Stewartsville 08:30A New Harmony 08:55A Except Sunday
20 N/A Accommodation Stewartsville 11:00A New Harmony 11:25A Except Sunday and Monday
22 N/A Accommodation Stewartsville 06:35P New Harmony 07:00P Sunday Only
24 N/A Accommodation Stewartsville 10:00A New Harmony 10:25A Sunday Only

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