PD&E TIMETABLE #08 - Wednesday July 1st, 1881*


  Courtesy of Paul Kostelny  Original Employee Timetable (2 MB)   Original Rules on the back (1.7 MB)









11 Second Through Freight Evansville 03:30P Mattoon 03:20A Except Sunday
9 Second Through Freight Mattoon 03:15P Peoria 01:25A Except Sunday
7 Second Way Freight Evansville 06:00A Mattoon 06:50P

Except Sunday

5 Second Way Freight Mattoon 06:10A Peoria 06:35P

Except Sunday

3 First Accommodation Mattoon 04:20A Peoria 11:50A

Except Sunday

1 First Mail and Express Evansville 07:00A Peoria 06:43P

Except Sunday1

2 First Mail and Express Peoria 07:15A Evansville 07:05P

Except Sunday2

4 First Accommodation Peoria 05:05P Mattoon 12:55A

Except Monday

6 Second Way Freight Peoria 05:10A Mattoon 07:10P

Except Sunday

8 Second Way Freight Mattoon 07:00A Evansville 06:55P

Except Sunday

10 Second Through Freight Peoria 07:32P Mattoon 05:30A Except Monday
12 Second Through Freight Mattoon 10:00P Evansville 09:15A Except Sunday

Note 1

Train #1 arrives at Mattoon at 12:48P and leaves at 01:12P

Note 2

Train #2 arrives at Mattoon at 12:35P and leaves at 12:55P

  *Odd numbered trains are denoted as westbound

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