The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Wendel, Wendall, or St. Wendells (Spur), Indiana(elevation 450')
 Mile Post:  233.1
 Previous Station:  Crisle
 Next Station:  Martin
 Description:  This appears to have been a place where the railroad built a depot to serve the nearby town of St. Wendells.  The 1881 employee time table lists is as "Wendall."  Shown as Wendel from 1891 to 1931.  The spur was on the south side of the main.  Different sources list the switch on both the west and east side.
 Photos:  Right of Way 
 Date Reached:  1881 - constructed by E&P
 Track Status:  Removed in the Fall of 2011.
 RR Facilities:

 Wood Depot (10' x 8' x 8) - built in 1909 - (listed here in 1916 and, as depot shanty, 1928)

 Shanty - same as the depot? - (listed here in 1928)

 Spur (450') - (listed here in 1928)

 Last Updated:  03/21/2016


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