The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name: Ste. Marie, Illinois(elevation 482') - Telegraph: S
 Mile Post:  70.4
 Previous Station:  Willow Hill
 Next Station:  Alliance
 Description:  Ste. Marie was settled by a group led by Joseph Piquet in 1837.  It was also known as St. Mary's and for a short time Colony Des Freses.  It was platted in June of 1847 and incorporated in 1870.  The first work on the DOOR was started here when some grading was done north of town in the Embarrass river bed by November of 1871.  The depot was located north of Embarrass Street.  In the last year or so, a 50,000 gallon steel water tank and a spur near the intersection of West and South streets was proposed.  The latter for a proposed brick yard.  If these were ever put in, they were short lived.
 Photos:  Right of Way
 Date Reached:  By December 1880.
 Track Status:  Removed 1919.
 RR Facilities:

 Through Pratt Truss Bridge - 350 in length - (shown here in 1918)

 Car Shed - (shown here in 1918)
 Corn Crib - (shown here in 1918)

 Depot (24' x 12') - (shown here in 1918)

 Livestock Pen - (shown here in 1918)

 Platform - to load timber - (shown here in 1918)
 Pump House - near the river - (shown here in 1918)
 Siding - approximately 1,200 in length - (shown here in 1918)

 Water Tank - near the river - (shown here in 1918)

 Customers:  C.E. Lamott Barn - (shown here in 1918)
 C.E. Lamott Elevator - (shown here in 1918)
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