The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Sand Prairie, Illinois(elevation 500')
 Mile Post:  16.5
 Previous Station:  South Pekin
 Next Station:  Mackinaw Falls
 Description:  This station point goes back to at least 1876 and it lasted until at least 1920.  An 1891 map shows a siding to the west of the main with the depot west of that, and north of the road.  There is still a large grassy space in this area - see the right of way photos - that matches the land agreement.  Circa September 1899, the PD&E purchased five acres of land just to the east of the first curve south of Sand Prairie for a gravel pit. It jutted out some distance away from the main line at an angle sort of in the shape of a stub ended yard.  Whether or not any gravel was extracted from here is one point, but aerial views show the area plus some around it out of use to this day.  Do not confuse this with the station point of Gravel Pit not quite three miles to the south.
 Photos:  Right of Way
 Date Reached:  By October 1870
 Track Status:  Still in place - .
 RR Facilities:

 Wood Depot (20' x 14') - built in 1879 - replaced in 1909

 Wood Depot (34'6" x 9' x 7'4") - former car body - placed here in 1909 - (listed here in 1916)

 Possible Gravel Pit - just to the southeast

 Siding - (shown here in 1891)

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