The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Norveil (Siding), Illinois(elevation 588')
 Mile Post:  139.9
 Previous Station:  Toledo
 Next Station:  Greenup
 Description:  There were two sidings located at Norveil used for doubling, perhaps tripling, the northbound ruling grade on the Mattoon District that was located between here and the Embarrass River which was about a mile away.  The origin of the name is unclear, but there are families with that name in the general area.  By 1957, Norveil was still listed in the track chart, but only a telephone booth was at the location.  The telephone booth was still listed in 1970 and while it was gone in the 1978 track chart, oddly Norviel was still listed.
 Photos:  Right of Way
 Date Reached:  1877
 Track Status:  Closed on August 1st, 1982 and removed in later that year.
 RR Facilities:

 Two Sidings - longest with clearances of 1057' (North) and 873' (South) of the main - (listed here in 1944)

 Siding - with clearance of 1057' - (listed here in 1948)

 Telephone Booth - (listed here in 1957 and 1970 near the west end of the now removed siding)

 Track Names:

 Siding - mentioned as out of service and removed on 7-25-1955

 Last Updated:  01/01/2017


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