The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  New Harmony, Indiana(elevation 384') - Telegraph: NH
 Mile Post:  6.2
 Previous Station:  Schnee
 Next Station:  End of the line for the PD&E.
 Description:  The New Harmony Branch was constructed by the PD&E because the people of New Harmony voted to give the PD&E the money to build a line from Stewartsville.  This came about because originally New Harmony had been slated to be on the main line when the projected terminus was Mount Vernon, Indiana.  The branch was 6 miles long and in later years had a speed restriction of 5 mph.  There was a six car run-around located at New Harmony where the train crew could run around the cars to service a grain elevator.  The River Track, later truncated and known as the City Track, extended west down North Street to roughly half way of the block bounded by West and Arthur streets.  Though there were rights acquired all the way to the bank of the Wabash River.  All of which suggests the tracks may once have went all the way to the bank of the river.  Still located at New Harmony is part of the original depot that now serves as a private business.  In 1948, the Standard Oil Track, a spur, was removed and crews were told to leave tank cars bound for Standard Oil on the main track for unloading!  In 1954, the "418" message line was extended to New Harmony, five shorts was its "number".
 Photos:  Crew (Large file)   Right of Way   Structures  
 Date Reached:  By December 12th, 1881 - constructed by NH&E
 Track Status:  Abandoned under ICC order issued October 18th, 1976 and removed that year.
 RR Facilities:

 Coal House - (listed here in 1928 and 1944)

 Coaling Facilities - listed as from cars by hand - (listed here 1944, 1948, and 1957)

 Coaling Platform (60' x 12'6") - built 1896 - (listed here in 1916)

 Wood Depot (60' x 24`) - built 1881 - (partly still in existence)

 Engine House (1st?) - (listed here circa 1900)

 Engine House (2nd?) (74'6" x 20') with attached Pump House (16' x 9') - built 1910 - located at the end of the main line - (listed here in 1928, but gone by June 3rd, 1938)

 Livestock Pen - (listed here circa 1900)

 Livestock Pen - (listed here in 1928)

 Platform - (next to the main near the fairgrounds with mention of the Posey County Agricultural Society, circa 1899)

 Section Tool House (14'4" x 8'6" x 7'4") - half car body - (listed here 1916)

 Siding - (listed here circa 1900 and in 1928, 1944, 1948, 1957, and 1970)

 Spur - PD&E  era - called the River Track - extended down north street as described in the description above - later truncated and called the City Track

 Three Spurs - one called that was the River Track - one for the stock pen and elevator - one unlisted - (circa 1900)

 Four Spurs - including one for the stock pen and one called the City Track (listed here in 1928)

 Three Spurs - including one called the City Track (listed here in 1944 and 1948)

 Two Spurs - including one called the City Track (listed here in 1957)

 Two Spurs - one east of town for the Armour Chemical Co - (listed here in 1970)

 Tool House - (listed here in 1928, 1944, 1948, 1957, and 1970)

 Water Tank (16' x 16') - built 1903 - 40' deep well supplied - (listed here in 1915) 

 Water Tank (14' x 16') - built 1903 - 18,230 gallon capacity - steam pump - well supplied - (listed here in 1928) 


 Armour Chemical Company - to the East of the fairgrounds - Listed here in 1970

 Boyer Oil Company - Listed here in 1935

 Elevator - (listed here circa 1900) - same as below?

 Geo. Couch & Son - Grain Elevator - Listed here in 1935

 New Harmony Electric Company - Listed here in 1935

 Posey County Agricultural Society? - see platform under RR Facilities - Shown here circa 1899

 Simpson Lumber Co - Listed here in 1935

 Standard Oil Company  - listed here in 1935

 Tri State Rodeo Co - listed here in 1935

 Track Names:

 City Track - originally River Track - mentioned here in 1944, 1948, & 1957

 Elevator Track - mentioned here in 1953

 Standard Oil Track - spur - removed 10-9-1948

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