The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Kansas, Illinois(elevation 713') - Telegraph: K
 Mile Post:  26.2
 Previous Station:  Nays Switch
 Next Station:  Hites
 Description:  Briefly known as "Midway", but renamed after the township, Kansas was put on the map when the East-West running Terre Haute & Alton Railroad came through.  However, in 1869 the town gave $50,000 dollars to the newly formed Danville & Ohio River Railroad on the condition it would also run through the town.  It actually ran on the west edge of the original plat, which was done in 1853.  Kansas was incorporated in 1858.  The old ROW is fairly prominent when one knows where to look.  On November 19th, 1894, fire destroyed the engine house, shops, and one locomotive.
 Photos:  Right of Way
 Date Reached:

 To the south, by April 30th, 1878.

 To the north, by 1881.

 Track Status:  Removed to the North in November/December 1938.
 RR Facilities:

 Car Shop - DOOR  - Destroyed 11/19/1894


 Depot(2nd) - former carpentry shed

 Depot(3rd) (50' x 20')

 Engine Facility - DOOR

 Engine House - Destroyed 11/19/1894

 Big Four JCT

 Livestock Pens (30' x 25'')

 Offices - DOOR


 Spur (375')



 Water Tank


 Lots of Cattle

 Paxton Elevator

 Saw Mill - 1934

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