The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Jones', Illinois(elevation 736')
 Mile Post:  122.2
 Previous Station:  Mattoon
 Next Station:  Newby
 Description:  On July 4th, 1896 J.J. Jones & wife granted a piece of land to the PD&E for the construction and maintenance of a siding.  They retained the right to build and maintain a hay and grain scale as well as an elevator on the piece of land and right of way.  Apparently the East-West road to the north of Jones' was called "Plainview."
 Photos:  Right of Way
 Date Reached:  1877
 Track Status:  Still in place - .
 RR Facilities:

 Livestock Pen (40' x 32') - built before 1900 - (listed here in 1916 with the note of falling down)

 Spur - (listed here in 1944, 1948, 1957, 1970, and 1978)

 Customers:  Jones Elevator

 Beals Grain Co - circa 1954-5

 Last Updated:  03/31/2014


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