The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Johnathan (Spur), Illinois (elevation 471')
 Mile Post:  IC 175.7, DOOR 82.3
 Previous Station:  Hudson
 Next Station:  CH&D Jct
 Description:  As early as 1908, and as late as 1927, there was a spur here.   In September 1902, there was 270' spur at MP 175.9 on the west side of the main for the Illinois Orchard Co.
 Date Reached:  G&M: September, 1876  DOOR: by August 23rd, 1882.
 Track Status:

 PD&E:  Removed.

 DOOR: Removed by October, 25th 1893.

 RR Facilities:

 Spur (140', west side) - (listed here in 1928)

 Customers:  Illinois Orchard Co.
 Last Updated:  03/16/2014


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