The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Hume, Illinois(elevation 651') - Telegraph: HU
 Mile Post:  8.2
 Previous Station:  Cecil
 Next Station:  Hughes Switch
 Description:  Was platted in 1837.  Not far to the Northeast was siding named "Cecil".  The Indiana and Illinois Central Railway reached Hume first.
 Photos:  Maps  Right of Way  Structures
 Date Reached:  By September 1881.
 Track Status:

 Removed to the North in May 1937.

 Removed to the South in November/December 1938.

 RR Facilities:

 Depot(1st) (48' x 24') - (listed here before 1899)

 Union Depot(2nd) (70' x24') - (listed here in 1899)

 Engine Facility

 Freight Transfer House (31' x 12'6")


 Livestock Pens

 Pumping House



 Water Tank



 Horner Brothers Elevator

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