The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Hovey, Indiana(elevation 390')
 Mile Post:  216.5
 Previous Station:  Edgewater
 Next Station:  Hartlein
 Description:  As late as 1953, there was a siding located here on the "South" side of the main.  South of the siding was a large structure with a concrete base. South of the road that paralleled the tracks was a facility, which today would be under the interstate.  It appears that this facility ship out crude oil at one time.  In 1928, there was a depot here located north of tracks at the west switch.  But there is no evidence of the depot in a 1938 aerial view.  In 1953, the siding was removed, but on 8-28-1956, the south switch was put back in and four car lengths of track installed to house a pile driver doing work on the Wabash River Bridge. 
 Date Reached:  1881 - constructed by E&P
 Track Status:  The track was removed in 1999. 
 RR Facilities:

 Wood Depot - (listed here in 1928)

 Yellow Pine Platform (25' x 8') - built in 1903 - (listed here in 1908)

 Short Siding - (listed here in 1928, 1944, and 1948)

 Track Names:

 House Track - retired 4-9-1953

 Temporary Track (spur) - for use of pile driver doing work on Wabash River Bridge installed on 8-28-1956 and removed about three months later.

 Last Updated:  03/30/2016


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