The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Hawley, Illinois(elevation 497')
 Mile Post:  13.3
 Previous Station:  I.C. Jct
 Next Station:  C&NW Jct
 Description:  Hawley was just south of the curve near Lost Creek.  It was the location of a roughly 1.2 mile spur that went east to a coal deposit.  Land for this spur was first obtained from N.C Hawley and wife by the PL&D in 1874.  In 1900, a spur off of the main spur went south to a second deposit, diverging just west of the crossing of what would become the GM&O.  Land for this spur was obtained from George Herget and wife - origin of the naming of Herget perhaps?  There was a short spur track at the end of south spur so that a motorized tipple could feed two sets of tracks at once.  The crossing on the spur at Hawley is significant in being the first automated interlocking.
 Photos:  Right of Way   Spur Right of Way   Trains
 Date Reached:  By October 1870
 Track Status:

 Main Line: Still in place - .

 Spur: Removed

 RR Facilities:

 Wood Depot (35' x 8') - placed 1909 - former car body - replaced 1914

 Wood Depot (34'6" x 8'8") - placed 1914 - a former car body - (listed here in 1916)

 Waiting Room (35' x 8'8") - placed 1909 - a former car body - (listed here in 1916)

 Customers:  Coal mine on spur
 Last Updated:  01/30/2016


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