The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name: C.C.C. & ST. L. CR., C.C.C. & ST. L. XNG, C.C.C. & ST. L. Crossg, or Grays (Grayville), Illinois(elevation 402') - Telegraph: JC(Tower)
 Mile Post:  212.5
 Previous Station:  Siegert
 Next Station:  Grayville
 Description:  Location where the PD&E crossed the CCC&StL's line to Southern Illinois.  Grays was not listed as a station point in 1928 or 1944, though clearly there was an interlocking tower here then.  Grays earned a station point name no later than 1948 when the "message line" was connected to Grays, and four long rings and a short ring was its "number". 
 Photos:  Right of Way  Structures
 Date Reached:  1881
 Track Status:  Removed in 1999. 
 RR Facilities:

 Automatic Interlocking - (listed here in 1970, 1978, and 1987) 

 Interlocking Tower - (destroyed by fire March 3rd, 1914)
 Interlocking Tower (214 x 104) - built 1914 - (listed here in 1916)

 Interlocking Tower - 19 working levers (1944 and 1948) - 11 working levers (1957)

 Big Four Crossing

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