The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

 Name:  Dees, Greenup Hill, Greenup Tower, or Hull, Illinois(elevation 594')
 Mile Post:  143.5
 Previous Station:  Greenup
 Next Station:  Hidalgo
 Description:  Dees was a good location for a siding south of Greenup.  An important consideration with the crossing of the PRR and the geography north of Greenup.  Also known as Greenup Hill and/or Tower.  Listed as Dees in the 1957 track chart, only a telephone booth was located here.
 Photos:  Right of Way
 Date Reached:  1877
 Track Status:  Closed on August 1st, 1982 and removed in later that year.
 RR Facilities:

 Siding - clearance of 2372' 50 cars - (listed here in 1944 and 1948)

 Telephone Booth - (listed here in 1948 and 1957)

 Last Updated:  03/29/2014


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