The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

Motive Power

IC 897, at Mattoon, Illinois, probably in the roundhouse area west of 26th Street, on October 26, 1927.  The 2-8-0 was built by ALCO at its Brooks plant.  She was

sold in March of the following year to "B&T".  Note the missing bell, tie across the tracks in front, and the locomotive (forty two something (a Rogers 2-6-0)) behind it.  (Unknown Photographer)  Thomas French Collection


The information on the photo says most of it.  Though it appears that most weren't too happy about the photo.  Except for the young man at far right, who seems to be

 sneaking into the photo.


IC 3560 sits at The Shops on March 8th, 1944.  A Lima product, she was built in June of 1929

and scrapped in January 1957.  (Unknown Photographer)  Thomas French Collection.



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