The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

The Shops Area Photos

The Shops in the early 20th Century were a busy place.  One could swear that the blue sky was preserved in this black and white postcard. 

(Unknown Photographer)


This is 2004 view looking East at the old shop grounds.  The microwave tower is approximately the location of the roundhouse pit.  To the right are the still in place tracks.  To the left of the photo, the power poles pay silent tribute to the old CCC&StL ROW.  Just behind this location was the crossing of the PD&E over the CCC&StL at Karl Tower.  See last photo below.


Remnants of the roundhouse can still be found.  In this case, the Southwestern most stall.


This is a 2004 shot of Black Smith and Machine Shop area.


This is a 2004 shot of the Boiler and Woodworking Shop area.


A former foundation to a post or something, this was included because of the date, 05-31-1945.  I don't know who or what KEHM was.


This is a 2004 view of the foundation of Karl Tower.  The photo was taken close to the location of the old diamond.


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