The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway


This is a photo of the Stewartsville depot sometime between 1900 and 1916.  Full of details, note the track gang (hunched over) in the distance working at center right.  The track behind the depot (the one with the cars on it) was a siding that probably served the elevator at right.  The track in front of the depot was the main line.  Whereas the closest track was a siding that connected (off to the left of the photo) with the line to New Harmony and would have served as a handy run-around track for the trains that went back and forth on the New Harmony Branch.  New Harmony had the engine facilities: including engine house, water tank, and coal house.  Therefore, trains running between the two station points would start their round trips, as many as four in 1907, in New Harmony and run up to the connection with the main line here in Stewartsville.  Stewartsville did have a section house and a tool house, which would have been off to the left of this photo.  There was also a stock pen that was served by a short spur that connected to the closest track off to the right of this photo.  In 1942, scheduled trains on the branch disappeared from the employee timetable and the New Harmony Branch was instead served by main line trains that would cut off their power and run down the branch.  In 1976 the branch was taken up after being in service for almost 95 years.  (Unknown Photographer)  Thomas French Collection


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