The Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Railway

Structure Photos


Bearsdale Structures

Bethany Structures

Brick Track Salem Structures

Bone Gap Structures

Browns Structures

Casey Structures

Decatur Structures

Delavan Structures

Dundas Structures

Emden Structures

Franklin Street Structures

Gordon Structures

Grays Structures

Grayville Structures

Green Valley Structures

Griffin Structures

Hartsburg Structures

Harwood Yard Structures

Hidalgo Structures

Hume Structures

Janesville Structures

Latham Structures

Lincoln Structures

Martin Structures

Mt. Pulaski Structures

New Harmony Structures

Newton Structures

Olney Structures

Peoria Structures

Poseyville Structures

Stewartsville Structures

Toledo Structures

Wabash River Bridge Structures

Warrensburg Structures

Westfield Structures

West Liberty Structures

West Salem Structures



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